Five Things to Have in the Desert


1. A Horse with No Name

2. A guide on what I can/can’t consume

3. A knife

4. A whetstone

5. A cloak

Assuming I only get five things, these things are what I would bring. A Horse with No Name would, obviously, be helpful if I was trying to get out of the desert. I could learn to ride the horse, which would then allow me to escape this desert. I would eventually reach a sea, where I could get whatever supplies I need. The only problem would be finding humans who would be able to give me love. You see… ok, I’ll stop beating the horse.

The guide on what I can/can’t consume is very important, since it would include beverages as well as sustenance. I originally thought I would put things that would be safe to eat, but I realized that I might want to drink from a cactus. I wanted to make sure though, that whatever cactus I chose would be the quenchiest! If it wasn’t, I would still be thirsty and being thirsty in the desert isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Another reason I would want to know what I could and could not consume is that I don’t want to get sick just eating random crap that will eventually kill me.

The knife and whetstone go together, simply because it will be rather difficult to cut things that I will need to survive (i.e. animals for meat, plants for water/nutrition) if the blade is dull. At this moment my knife is sharp, but that would change after a few weeks of slicing things up. Another way that the knife would be helpful is that it would help protect me. What is more frightening to a creature, an unarmed ninja or one with a knife in his hands? And if it wasn’t afraid of me at first, I would “encourage” it to search elsewhere for food. A knife would also help me cut my clothes (not my cloak, more on that) into strips so I could stop the bleeding after my encounter with the hungry beastie.

A cloak, specifically a traveling cloak would be very useful for a desert. I could use it as a blanket when I slept. It would be helpful to keep the direct sun off during the day. I’m still not sure if I would want to travel at night or during the day, since there are advantages to both. But in either case, the cloak would be incredibly useful to me.

So there you have it, my 5 things for my time in the desert. I am not a fan of the desert, but I think I could survive with these for a bit longer than I would without them. Until next time, flip out like a ninja!

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